Death of a Superhero

A Family's Story about Courage, Bravery and the Defining Moments of LOVE

Our sweet, lil' baby love lost his battle to AML Leukemia on March 8, 2010. We fought long, hard and very aggressively for 2.5 years, only to have his cancer come back for the fourth time to finally take his life. He was only 3 years old.

This entire blog is about Hunter's amazing journey. It's about his life and his love......his determination and his courage.......his absolutely, brilliant personality, and the affect he's had on people all over the world.

He's left an unimaginable footprint on this earth and has changed the lives of thousands of individuals. People who didn't realize how precious life was, now live it with extreme gratefulness. People who took every minute they get to spend with their children for granted, now savor every last second. And people who weren't quite sure what love is all about, now love deeper, love stronger and love with every ounce of their soul.

People all around the world have shared their love, their well wishes, their prayers and their inspiration, and we could have NEVER achieved as much as we did without them. We are humbled by their generosity & their true friendships & are forever grateful for every last person that has come into our lives through our experience with Hunter. He was our precious baby love who we loved and cherished with all our hearts and we are forever crushed and terribly, broken-hearted.

Dance in the clouds baby cakes. Mom & dad are watching proudly & you will remain so very close to our hearts for all of eternity.

Monday, June 8, 2009



So Radiation today was mentally and visually crushing.......but Hunter pulled through like a usual. He's hanging tough after 3 days of chemotherapy and 2 sessions of radiation. The doc came in and we told him how wonderful Hunter was doing and he said, "that's great", however, he also said, in a round-a-bout way, that the shit doesn't start to hit the fan until about 7 days from now. So I guess we are cruising on easy street at the moment.

He has to be sedated for the radiation and it takes about a 1/2 hour by the time they radiate one side of his body and then flip him to do the other. Pretty intense stuff and the room and the equipment inside is very intimidating. Definitely NOT a good party room.......well actually maybe....the electric green laser beams could be a hit - then I guess all you'd need is a good disco ball. However, I could tell some of the technicians were getting annoyed by all the disco for them.

His skin on his hands is peeling, he's got a bit of a diaper rash and his legs are still swollen. They don't seem to be causing him much pain, but he still hasn't walked on them or wanted to walk on them now for the last 33 days. He is also still being fed through his IV and will probably continue that for the next 2-3 weeks or so.....he's only consumed about 2 ounces of food through his mouth over the last month.

He was transfused with Platelets last night at 4am and will continue to get blood products quite frequently throughout this whole process. YAY for the Red Cross!

Hunter doing his own research on the side effects of radiation the night before. He seems to be OK with everything. He courageously stated that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Hunter casually laying around waiting for the radiation to begin.

Nicely put to sleep.

These are the crystals that they place on his body to monitor the radiation dosage throughout the treatment.

This is when they kick us out of the room. He's all prepped and ready to go. We must have kissed his little head a thousand times.

Waiting for him to wake up out of his deep sleep.

Hunter Getting Prepped for Total Body Irradiation.


What a champ.


Coco said...

Thinking of and praying for Hunter and you guys....

Angela Kendrick said...

Lenore, We here at DCH are all pulling for Hunter as he gets ready for the BMT. Angela K and the rest of the DCH sedation team

niccole w. said...

I was up at Doernbecher visiting some friends and saw the pictures on your door. Decided to stop by your blog and pay a visit. Your son is beautiful as is your family. My prayers are with you tonight.